Discover unparalleled Software Acquisition and Hardware Solutions in Boca Raton. QuestingHound specializes in delivering advanced technology services, expertly tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, we ensure your technological requirements are met with professionalism and excellence.

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Hardware & Software Acquisition

Your technology infrastructure—by definition—is built on a foundation of hardware and software.

So why is it that so many IT service providers shy away from helping their clients through the procurement process?

At QuestingHound, we know that acquiring hardware and software has become one of the most frustrating and confusing tasks that companies face today; that's why we've made a commitment to partner with manufacturers to offer best-in-breed products at great prices to clients.
We help you answer questions such as...
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    Which products best fit my needs?

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    Which manufacturer should I use for the product?

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    How should I buy it?

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    Through an online retailer?

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    From my local reseller?

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    Directly from the manufacturer?

QuestingHound can help you with all of these concerns.
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Finding The Best Option For You

QuestingHound is vendor-neutral, which means we won’t recommend products or vendors that are not right for you. Instead, we have the flexibility to select the product from the vendor that fits your specifications at the price you want. We support multiple manufacturers and are not tied to any one company. Our customers also enjoy flexibility in deciding how they purchase their solution–either through QuestingHound or directly from the manufacturer, online or locally via our highly trained sales staff.

More than "Just" Workstations

Acquiring hardware and software has become one of the most frustrating and confusing tasks companies face today.

At QuestingHound we understand that the core foundation of your technology infrastructure is comprised of hardware, software, and the supplies that keep them running.

That's why we have aligned ourselves with the top manufacturers in the industry, in order to provide you with reliable and cost effective solutions. QuestingHound can provide your company with:
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    Systems: desktops, laptops, handhelds, servers, rugged notebooks.

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    Storage: NAS, SAN, harddrives, tape drives, cloud, SSD.

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    Printers: color, monochrome, multifunction, light production, supplies.

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    Network Devices: switches, firewalls.

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    Software: operating system, applications, management, licensing, antivirus, compliance.

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    Accessories: UPS's, RAM, racks, cables, batteries, monitors, projectors.

The right products, on time, and at the right price.

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