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Tall Cypress Natural Area Coconut Creek 

Tall Cypress Natural Area Coconut Creek 


Tall Cypress Natural Area – Coconut Creek FL

This 66-acre park in Coconut Creek, Florida, is the perfect destination for anyone interested in birding. Dense vegetation and diverse animal life make this an excellent spot for birdwatching. It is a cultural feature of Broward County. Here are a few reasons to visit the tall cypress. Read on to learn more! To learn about its ecological and cultural importance, continue reading! And don’t forget to check out our Tall Cypress tour packages!


It is a habitat to dense vegetation

If you love the beauty of dense vegetation, you may want to explore Tall Cypress Natural Area, located on Turtle Run Boulevard in Coral Springs. This 66-acre attraction is home to a large variety of trees, ponds, and other types of vegetation. It is a great place to spot many different species of birds, including migratory birds, gulf fritillary, and malachite butterflies. You can also enjoy restrooms, picnic tables, and parking to make your visit more enjoyable.


This 66-acre nature preserve contains tall cypress trees, slash pines, and depression marsh ecosystems. You can find rare plants like trumpet creeper and yellow jessamine in this lush environment. This area is part of the Greenway and Trail System of Florida and is adjacent to the Loxahatchee River. There is a sturdy bridge that crosses the creek to ensure that animals and birds can safely pass through.


It is a great spot for birding

If you’re looking for a great place to go birding in South Florida, Tall Cypress National Park is a fantastic destination. This 66-acre natural preserve was preserved in the 1980s by a group of Coral Springs High School students. The city and county bought 30 acres of the property from a developer and are now jointly managing it. You can visit the preserve from 8 am to 6 pm daily. There’s an enormous variety of birds in this area, including wading birds, woodpeckers, and owls.


The Roseate Spoonbill is a two-foot-tall bird whose plumage is mostly pink. It can be found along Florida’s coasts and feeds in mangrove habitats and shallow waterways. Another notable species is the wood stork, the only stork native to North America. Its large, white body and long legs help it perch in tall trees.


It is a cultural feature in Broward County

You can visit the tall cypress natural area in Coconut Creek, Florida, and experience its diverse wildlife. The tall cypress trees are a prime habitat for a diverse variety of wildlife, including the great horned owl, sabal palm heads, gulf fritillary, and malachite butterfly. There are several restrooms, seating areas, and parking facilities available at the Tall Cypress Natural Area.

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