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Dental Practices a Prime Hacking Target-banner

The Real Reason Why Dental Practices are Such a Prime Hacking Target… and Why You May Be Next in Line

I consider it a big part of my job at QuestingHound – one of the most important parts, in fact – to always stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings with cybersecurity around the world. If you want to beat your opponent, you have to learn to think like them – and in terms of…
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IT Budgeting

The Top 3 Reasons Why IT Budgeting is Critical to Your Firm’s Success

Somehow, December is upon us yet again, which can only mean one thing: a lot of businesses out there are currently trying to figure out how to hit the ground running as we move into 2020 in just a few short weeks. Not too long ago, I sat down with a fairly new client of…
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Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication Is Here to Stay. Here’s Why You Should Be Rejoicing

Not too long ago, I wrote a blog post about the hidden costs that outdated technology is forcing your business to deal with. In it, I talked not only about the impact that legacy resources have on your employees, but I attempted to shatter some myths about why most businesses are reluctant to upgrade their technology in…
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Outdated Technology

The Cost of Outdated Technology for Your Business

It’s easy to get used to a culture of dysfunction, especially when it comes to IT. Over time, it can feel natural that systems are difficult to work with, that servers are constantly going down, and that IT departments are constantly putting out fires. When one of our most established customers came to us, they…
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Insider threat graphic

Why Your Employees Remain Your Greatest IT Risk

As a part of our managed IT services, we provide complete IT security, monitoring, and maintenance. But security isn’t just about technology: it’s also about training. At Questing Hound, we believe that we’re a team, and we work hard to build relationships with each of our clients. That includes relationships with your employees. People make…
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